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Lonely Heart

A heart was found, it is a precious heart.
This heart is special and full of kindness.
This heart is talented and truly gifted.
This heart is like no other.
This heart is a treasure.
Though this heart is all of these things, there is a far greater quality of this heart.
This heart completed mine.

This heart was lost, this treasure, this final puzzle piece.
Through ignorance, insecurity, and selfishness, it was lost.
This heart was smothered and suffocated.
This heart wasn’t deserved.
This heart deserved better than this brokenness.
So many wish for a heart like this, yet it was squandered.
I was blind and the cost was great.

To all who have found such hearts, count your blessing as there are so few.
Much was learned from this trial by fire.
Wherever this heart is, it will be a blessing to one worthy of it.